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The advice you needed back then


The Tools You Need to Succeed Tomorrow

Alicia Jegede Photo

Alicia Jegede


My Background

Throughout my teen years and adult life, managing my own money has never felt like a chore or a tedious task. Even when I was younger, friends and family would come to me for financial guidance. That’s why being an independent, fee-only financial planner and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) isn’t just my full-time job; it’s also my lifestyle. In addition to helping people achieve financial freedom, I am also constantly working on my own strategy to offer clients real-world advice gained through first-hand experience.

My Experience

I have worked in the financial industry for 15 years, specifically on the accounting and tax planning side of things. After working at a big 4 public accounting firm, leading accounting teams in various industries and starting my own CPA firm, I became interested in financial planning. While I love my work as a CPA, I want to provide clients with a plan for their future. I am now pairing my tax background with my passion for financial planning to offer clients a well-rounded strategy that eliminates any outstanding difficulties while also providing a foundation from which future goals can be accomplished.

My Passions

When I’m not catching up on the latest industry news, you can find me crossing a destination off my bucket list, digging into the latest book or spending time with my daughters.